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Sunday, September 23, 2012

I'm having so much fun with Chatting With Sherri!

I had a great interview last Tuesday with the wonderful Steven Sears on Chatting With Sherri on Blogtalk Radio.  We had such a good time that I almost forgot that I was doing an interview.  Of course I had to do all the stuff you have to do in the studio so I couldn't allow myself to forget it. He was so much fun and it was so educational! I hope those who listened live and those who have already listened to the recording enjoyed it as much as I did!!! Here is the link so you can hear what I am talking about;

This coming Tuesday on, Chatting With Sherri,  I will be chatting with George Mc quade III of MAYO Communications! He is a very well known PR expert, who will be talking about creative ways to use mass media to build your brand. Also how PR is changing thanks to mass media, it's going to be a fun and fascinating talk. I hope you all can join us. Please follow me on the Chatting With Sherri site so you can get email updates; and join us for chat on Teusday at 1030am on Sept 25th! 

Instead of an interview about me and what I think, here is an interview with my own lovely Dr. Anne Ross of Fantasy Time Inc. She tells how she really feels about herself, me and her adventures at her agency Fantasy Time Inc.; Please let me know what you think about what Anne said :) I think she did a great job!

Last but not least is an interview about both my books Murder Inc. and Fantasy Time Inc, and my writing career.  It was an interesting interview and I did a mini-reading of both my novels. So listen in to this fun chat with Book Hunt Review by Sisterhoods Connections .

Once you hear my readings and want to buy my lovely books, here are the lovely link :)
Fantasy Time Inc.;
Murder Inc. ;

Please drop me a line and say hi;

Till next time...

Friday, September 7, 2012

I Did it!!!!

I did it, my first ever episode of Chatting with Sherri is under my belt! Yeah!!!! I am so excited. It went very well I had some good feedback from people who heard it both live and on the podcast.
Gabriel Beyers was my very first guest and he did a great job. Here is the link to our interview;
Next week we are dark but the following week, Sept 18th my guest is Steven Sears. He is a very talented and witty man. He is best known as the Co-Executive producer and writer of the TV series Xena, Warrior Princess. He is also one of the kindest and most affable people it has been my pleasure to meet in show business. Here is the link for his interview, please follow to get the email updates for this episode; .
So to add to his very interesting Blogtalk Radio interview,  I also did an interview for my writing blog. So with out any further adieu, Gabriel Beyers...

 What was the first book you remember loving? Do you still own it?

Oh, man. That's a tough question. Love? I guess I'd have to say Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. I had read many other books that I liked a lot, but Adam's combination of Sci-Fi and zany British humor was like nothing I had ever read. I do still own Hitchhiker, and re-read it from time to time. It never loses its charm.

 What kind of books do you like to read? Do those books have an affect on your own writing?

I'm not a genre snob. If it's a good story, I want to read it. I do, however, prefer something with a paranormal twist to it. I'm a huge fan of Anne Rice's Vampire Chronicles and Dean Koontz's Odd Thomas. I loved Harry Potter and Stephen King's Dark Tower series. They definitely each have had an affect on my writing. They are my writing teachers. How can you ever hope to be great if you don't study the greats?

 Do you remember what is the first book that touched you deeply?

Many books have touched me with their great writing or incredible stories, but I don't tend to get too emotional. Scary books don't really scare me. I do remember being a bit depressed when I finished with The Lord of the Rings. I didn't want it to end. But the book that cut me the deepest was The Road by Cormac McCarthy. Maybe it's because I have a young son, but I was completely heartbroken by the ending and it haunted me for days.

 Is there an era of writing that affects you? 1920, 1800’s so forth?

I don't have an era that affects me. I do like to read about ancient Rome, or the Old West. I also have a thing for the 50s.

 Where do you like to write? Is there a favorite nook or corner?

Anywhere quiet. When my wife and I were first married, before we had kids, I wrote in the extra room of our two-bedroom apartment. Now I find myself writing at a small sewing machine desk in our dining room or sneaking my laptop into the day job to write during down time. Someday I hope to have my own office again where I can close the door and lose myself to the work. It's a nice dream.

 Do you prefer one genre to another?

I'll read anything, but I'm not a big fan of romance. I like it when something supernatural happens in a story, but it's not a requirement.

 Do you like the feel of a book in your hands or do prefer an electronic devises?

I love the feel and smell of a real book, but I've been having an affair with my Kindle. I fought ebooks for the longest time, but I have to admit, I love them (and not just because that's how I'm trying to make my living). They are just so convenient. I love walking around with a whole library in the palm of my hand.

 Can you tell us about what your working on now?

Right now I'm writing a few short stories as I prepare to start my next novel. I have an idea for a series that I'd like to try. It's dystopian and features some flesh eaters, but I don't want it to be like all the other zombie books out there. I don't write from an outline, but I do run the idea through my mind, rolling it over and over until I'm sure it's something I can write.

After suffering a near-death accident, Casper Brown awakens with a strange new connection to three stray dogs recently adopted by his family. Casper’s nights are filled with dreams of the dogs’ activities; at times he can even see through their eyes. And what he witnesses has him worried for his family’s safety.
The Pummels are the most beloved family in town. Though their wealth, philanthropy, and charisma form a cloud of mystery about them, their work with the town’s exotic cat rescue center has captured the heart of the people. But the Pummels are guarding a secret. One they will kill to keep quiet.
Shadeland is a town of shadows, where hunters hide in plain sight and prey scurry about unaware. But a new predator has been unleashed. One unlike any this world has seen.

Till next time...

Friday, August 31, 2012

Here comes Chatting With Sherri!

I am so excited about my first broadcast of my new show Chatting with Sherri. I am also nervous, I have been interviewed on the radio and I have done a lot of interviews between my magazine and this blog, but on air is a different kettle of fish.

My first guest will be writer Gabriel Beyers who will be chatting about his new book Predatory Animals. We had our test yesterday and it worked out perfectly so I am very optimistic about our broadcast. Just follow the page and you will get a reminder on the day before and the day of the broadcast, here is the link; .

Here is a great interview about my novel Fantasy Time Inc. from my last guest Erin Zarro; . Please check out this fun interview.

Also if your in the San Diego area please join me for my class Writing Fanfiction for Fun and Profit; just press the I'm interested button and you will be able to keep up with all the information on the class.

Please join me in welcoming our guest writer Greg Kuhn;

What was the first book you remember loving? Do you still own it?
The Jungle by Upton Sinclair. I couldn't put it down in high school; I was compelled by the immigrant's struggles, the inhumane living conditions, and the horrendous work environment in the meat packing industry. I still own it, but haven't read it in a long while.

What kind of books do you like to read? Do those books have an affect on your own writing?
I enjoy books that explore the mind/body connection - I'm reading Evolve Your Brain: The Science of Changing Your Mind by Joe Dispenza right now. My new book, although in the weight-loss genre, is really a mind/body self-help book. I also enjoy Deepak Chopra and his books definitely influence my writing; I read things that Dr. Chopra writes about and he
motivates me to go do research on topics that I want to write about and include in my books.

Do you remember what is the first book that touched you deeply?
Dr. Wayne Dyer's book, You'll See It When You Believe It, during a time of personal crisis and was helped immensely by his guidance. I read that book twice.

Is there an era of writing that affects you? 1920, 1800’s so forth?
I am especially affected by writers who have sprung up at the end of the 20th Century through
today who cover the same topic I do: the new paradigms which quantum physics is giving us. Our paradigms are the reason we do the things we do and, previously, our paradigms had all been based on the old science of the first scientific revolution. Because quantum physics is so much more precise and reliable than the old science, the paradigms we create from it offer us an amazing array of new possibilities for successful living. Losing unwanted weight is but one of

Where do you like to write? Is there a favorite nook or corner?
My office is adjacent to our bedroom and has a large window overlooking our backyard. Even though we don't live in the country, I can sometimes see deer and hawks from that window. I love to be here and write on my large oak desk. This is a quiet, private spot, yet not isolated from my family since my wife is often in the next room and my sons are usually just down
the hall.

Do you prefer one genre to another?
I prefer non-fiction and self-help in particular. I've been writing self-help with my father, Clifford Kuhn, M.D. (aka The Laugh Doctor) since 1995. And, to escape, I also enjoy
reading zombie novels. I'm pretty sure those are fictional stories.

Do you like the feel of a book in your hands or do prefer an electronic devises?
A year ago I would've told you that a book in my hand is where it's at. But I was given an iPad for my birthday and that changed everything. I love reading on my iPad and, with the Kindle app, I can read just about any format on it. I love having hundreds of books on that small device; I feel like a walking library.

Can you tell us about what your working on now?
I'm starting my next book in my Why Quantum Physicists...series. This one is for teachers. But I'm also spending a great deal of time with promoting Why Quantum Physicists Don't Get Fat, which is great fun because I'm so proud of it. I'll slowly morph into more writing than promoting, but right now I'm doing a lot of talking about the current book.
Author Greg Kuhn is a professional educator and a futurist, specializing in framing new
paradigms for 21st Century living. For the last fifteen years, he has written
primarily with his father, Dr. Clifford Kuhn, M.D., about health, wellness, and

Greg Kuhn lives in Louisville, KY with a wonderful wife and four fantastic sons (one by marriage) whom he couldn't have published this book without; you can read more at and
Here is the Amazon link to my book:
Thanks Greg, for a fun interview, your book sounds interesting and different,
Till next time...

Friday, August 24, 2012

Writing Fanfiction for Fun and Profit

I love fan fiction, it has been my home for many years. I think it is a safe place for writers and artists to do their thing and make their mistakes. It is an environment that helps you find a group of people who love you and support your work. It is a place where you find a following. It is place to meet a lot of friends. A great place.
I learned what my strong points and weak points are in this safe world. You get a lot of feed back both good and bad. There are some people who love to support and there are those who love to attack. It is the way of the world, the yin and yang of learning how to be your authentic self.
It led me to my original fiction and to my new Blogtalk radio show; Chatting With Sherri; . It brought me to own writing and when I sold my first piece I knew I was a real writer. There are several ways that fan fiction can lead you to a career in writing or art. I am going to teach a class at the Learning Annex in San Diego. So if your there in Sept please join me; . Here is my fan fiction website; thanks to the kindness of the talented people who support it at . They have always supported me and have been great friends.

I have written two new blogs, one is so cute, it is my kitty blog. Xena has written an update; and a very personal movie blog about a movie and a special friend; .

And now for the newest author that I am doing an exchange with Erin Zarro so please give a happy big welcome to Erin...

What was the first book you remember loving? Do you still own it?

To be honest with you, I really can't remember that far back -- I've been reading forever. One book that sticks out in my mind, from back in my contemporary romance days, is Mirror Image by Danielle Steel. Pretty amazing book. And yes, I still own it. :D

What kind of books do you like to read? Do those books have an affect on your own writing?

Oh man, I love different kinds of books -- paranormal romance, fantasy, dark fantasy, horror, thriller, mystery, sci-fi...and everything else in between! And absolutely each genre I read has
an affect on what I write. I never copy authors, but the books I've read have sparked ideas. And different directions. And subgenres -- Fey Touched, my debut release, is science fantasy. I took what I loved most about both genres and combined it. There is so much out there and so many angles to pursue.

Do you remember what is the first book that touched you deeply?

There are a lot of them, but one really stands out - Wizard's First Rule by Terry Goodkind. This book amazed and inspired me to write fantasy, to have noble characters who fought for what was right, for love that transcends everything and never dies...I don't think I'll ever forget
it. Every so often, I reread it to capture the magic again.

Is there an era of writing that affects you? 1920, 1800’s so forth?

I really like writing about the future. There's no limit on what you can do.

Where do you like to write? Is there a favorite nook or corner?

I have a home office in the basement, in a room that's completely mine. I'm surrounded by books -- shelves upon shelves. Trinkets and things that mean something to me. My photography. My outlines. My music. It is heaven.

Do you prefer one genre to another?

If I had to pick just one (even though there's a few), I'd probably have to say fantasy.

Do you like the feel of a book in your hands or do prefer an electronic devises?

I like both! I can never get tired of the feel of an actual book, but I am really digging e-readers. I have a Sony e-Reader and a Kindle Fire. Love them both, too.

Can you tell us about what your working on now?
Yep, I'm working on the sequel to Fey Touched. I'm also developing ideas for a dark fantasy trilogy and what may become another science fantasy series.

Amazon (Kindle edition):

Amazon: (Print Edition):

Turtleduck Press: A writer's alliance I'm
a member of. We seek to publish less commercial but quality works. We exist to
push boundaries. This is who I published Fey Touched through.

Thank you Erin, your book series looks great!

Till next time...

Friday, August 17, 2012

Chatting With Sherri

It is so exciting to try new things. As I told you last time I am trying my hand at new types of writing. Now I am taking it a step further out of my comfort zone...I am working on Blogtalkradio and doing my own show called Chatting With Sherri.
It will be an interview show with creative people about being creative. It is the most exciting thing because I will be able to chat with people in an easy and comfortable way about the creative arts. I am so into following my creative passions, it will be very exciting to talk to other people about their passions. So on Sept 4Th please check out my first show, here is the link; .

I went to an event at the Hotel del Coronado and I still love that historic hotel. I took a lot of pics so I decided to do a travel blog about it. I think you will see how beautiful it is. If you have ever been there please tell me about your experience. Did you meet Monroe's ghost?

My Kitty Xena has been at my computer again and wrote another blog. Let her know what you think; .

I would like to introduce the latest of my interview exchange program for this blog. Here is Tracy Kauffman;

What was the first book you remember loving? Do you still own it?
I love reading Adventures of Tom Sawyer. I loved reading about a young boy that was mischievous and seemed a lot like me growing up. You'll have to read my book, Southern Adventures when it comes out. No, I don't still have a copy, but I'm sure I can find it on Amazon.

What kind of books do you like to read? Do those books have an affect on your own writing?
I love reading adventure type books still, like African Ice by Jeff Buick.

Do you remember what is the first book that touched you deeply?
The first book that I ever remember touching me deeply was the Bible. There are so many people, time frames, parables, the creation of the earth, life lessons, symbolism and of
course God is in it.

Is there an era of writing that affects you? 1920, 1800’s so forth?
I love reading things about the middle ages. I have written a young adult/teen book called:
My Boyfriend the Squire, which is based on the medieval period.

Where do you like to write? Is there a favorite nook or corner?
So far, I am using my son's old room. I love to be able to type the book out, because it is so much easier to delete and rewrite anything.

Do you prefer one genre to another?
I like fiction fantasy, but enjoy romance stories as well.

Do you like the feel of a book in your hands or do prefer an electronic devises?
I really like the feel of a book in my hands, the new smell, the way a real book lights up a child's eyes and they smile.

Can you tell us about what your working on now?
My book, Gwendolyn's Wish is a children's fiction fantasy book about a girl who receives a magical parrot that can grant wishes. That is not the best part of the book, though. The best part is what she wishes for and what she realizes. It has a lot of good principles in it and it was inspired by a dream I had. Truly a different exciting book that I know everyone will love.
Thank you for a great Interview Tracy, Loved it!!!
Here is her interview with me about Fantasy Time Inc.

Friday, August 3, 2012

Being Open to Learn New Things

The last time I took a class about screenwriting was back in college and I was really nervous because it was at UCLA, where so many great film makers came from. I really enjoyed it but at the time I felt it was not for me. There were so many rules I didn't think I really could do it.

Now thirty years later, I have changed my mind. I am working on my first screenplay. And after all these years I have started to take classes on line. I also took a couple of telephone classes. Either I am smarter or more experienced but I think I can handle them now, at least I hope so. I have started on the screenplay and I am doing the research as well as taking all these new classes. It is really cool that you can do this on line and do it at your own pace, it is very different then when I was younger. We have access to so much knowledge, so much is at our fingertips. You have to be selective but when you find the right information, Wow!

The site Author's Promoting Authors is a great site that helps writer promote their books both on their site and Facebook. Here is my promotion; Check it out and contact them to promote your books, it is a free service and it gets a great response.

I love the Goodreads site, you get to know about books you wouldn't know about with out them. They have wonderful giveaways like they had with my novel Fantasy Time Inc. I have put my name in to win a few giveaways myself, I won my first one called Hiss and Hers: An Agatha Raisin Mystery, please read my review here; . You also can review any books that your reading not just the giveaways. Here is my review of Judi Dench's new book; .

Here is my latest interview with author B. C Brown about her writing;

B.C. Brown was born with six fingers on each hand endowing her with super powers, thus enabling her to fight crime. When a freak Cuisinart accident severed the additional digits and her powers, B.C. was forced to fall back on her secondary talent -writing. Now she lives between the pages of a book - whether she has written it or not. Since she has not found
the surgeon to restore her fingers and powers, she has published three novels to
date and contributed to one anthology. She enjoys writing mystery, paranormal
romance, science fiction and fantasy but is always in the mood for a challenge
to branch out. You can follow her crime fighting or writing at her blog or Amazon Author page

1. What was the first book you remember loving? Do you still own it?

Stephen King's Carrie. I was approximately 11 when I read this book and, while I'd read many before, it had a profound effect on me. So much so that when "Come to School As Your Favorite Book Character" Day came around at school, I dressed as Carrie - prom gown covered in blood and all! lol And, yes, I still own a copy. Just not the same one since I've read it so

2. What kind of books do you like to read? Do those books have an affect on your own writing?

Depending on what I'm writing at the time is what I try to stick to reading. When my fantasy novel, Sister Light, Book One: Of Shadows, came out under my pen name, I read fantasy
exclusively. When I began work on A Touch of Darkness and A Touch of
Madness, I began reading paranormal mysteries and police procedural novels.
For me, it's a way to keep me in touch with the world I'm trying to

3. Do you remember what is the first book that touched you deeply?

I connect to them all in one way or another. But the first one to
truly touch my heart? That actually didn't happen until very recently (well,
within the last several years). I wept for multiple characters in this
book/series, and I still do as the series is continuing still to this day - A
Game of Thrones, A Song of Ice and Fire Series.

4. Is there an era of writing that affects you? 1920, 1800’s so forth?

I thoroughly enjoy Victorian-based novels and also those set in the roaring 20's. But I'll never
discriminate against a novel because of it's setting. I'm willing to give everything a chance.

5. Where do you like to write? Is there a favorite nook or corner?

I prefer to write on my couch with a blanket over my legs and my
dog sleeping beside me. But a lot of my writing gets done at my "day" job.
Sadly, very little of it gets accomplished at the beautiful, little writing desk
my significant other bought for me.

6. Do you prefer one genre to another?

Reading, I prefer mysteries, paranormal (no vamps or shifters, please), and sci-fi/fantasy
(more fantasy, less sci-fi). Writing, I tend to stick within the same. However,
I don't write sci-fi, and occasionally branch out into the romance genre as
well. Although those stories have not been published to date.

7. Do you like the feel of a book in your hands or do prefer an electronic

Both. If home, I love to curl up with a real paper book (especially if I'm relaxing in a hot bath with a glass of wine, for instance). But, when on the go (which is most of my life, let me tell you), I'm glad for the convenience of portability that electronic format offers. My house,
as well, with its limited space is grateful for the lack of paperback books.

8. Can you tell us about what your working on now?

My next project is a spin-off from the world in my last two paranormal mysteries, A Touch of Darkness and A Touch of Madness. It shares the same world Abbey does but has a whole new female lead named Jillian Dewitt. And she has a problem. After a freak accident, Jillian can
manipulate the dead, bringing Brittany James, a chatty spook, to her door.
Trouble in the spiritual world is affecting ghosts of the world, and Brittany
needs Jillian to hunt down a potentially deadly ghost who seems to be behind it.
In over her head, Jillian finds herself in a world of voodoo ritual, body
disinterment, and power-hungry poltergeists.

Thank you for letting us to get you know you a bit better :)

Till next time...

Friday, July 13, 2012

My kitty has her own blog!

My books have been claimed and sent out for the big giveaway on Goodreads. I really hope that the winners enjoy it. I gave them a bit of surprise, I autographed them. I think that was a nice touch don't you? Here's to comfortable chair and a good book.

There is a new blog that is out I am very proud. My kitty Xena has her own blog. It's called A Kitty's View: A Kitty Hi To You All

  Xena is very anxious that you all you read it and let her know if you like it. She has her paws over eyes.

Let's welcome my Freind Barbara Daoust and her wonderful new book, True Love, True Self;

What was the first book you remember loving?

"Dr. Chatterley's Lover" by D.H. Lawrence. I read it when I was 19 or 20.

Do you still own it?


What kind of books do you like to read? Do those books have an affect on your own writing?

I like to read high literature when I set aside the time. Otherwise, I read books about self-growth, self-help, and spirituality on a daily basis. Yes, these books have an affect on my own writin
g. I recently published my own self-help book, called "True Love, True Self: a Journey to Self-Love."

Do you remember what is the first book that touched you deeply?

"Notes to Myself" by Hugh Prather.

Is there an era of writing that affects you? 1920, 1800’s so forth?

I do like some of the high literature writing from the 1920's - ie A Room with a View, Howard's end by E.M. Forster or The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald.

Where do you like to write? Is there a favorite nook or corner?

My favorite place to write is in my office at my computer next to a window.

Do you prefer one genre to another?

Nowadays, I like books that explore the concept of metaphysics.

Do you like the feel of a book in your hands or do prefer an electronic devises?

I prefer the feel of a book in my hands.

Can you tell us about what your working on now?

I'm working on promoting my recently published book. I think that the next book will be
a self-help book for actors.

Thanks Barbara for time with your lovely book, here is where you can get her wonderful book,

Till next time...

Saturday, July 7, 2012

It Was An Honor To Be Nominated...

Well all good things must come to an end and sadly I didn't make the finalists for the Global E-Book Awards. Sad, huh? I think about what people at the awards show do with a frozen smile and clapping for the winner. So I guess I will have to just man up with a stiff upper lip and say, "It was an honor just to be nominated."

I got an interesting offer from bloggerdise to do a banner about my book. It is a way to attract other bloggers, I thought it was very interesting. Here is my banner; .

I had a lovely interview with Southern Girl I think I gave a bit of a short shift last week, so here the interview again; .

I also want to remind everyone that there is just a two days to win a free signed copy of Fantasy Time Inc. So go to Goodreads and sign up;, hurry!

I love this new feature of author exchange,don't you? I think it is fun to hear all about these wonderful writers. My guest today is J. Naomi Ay...

What was the first book you remember loving? Do you still own it?

I read Gone with the Wind in 7th grade. It took me 2 days. I didn’t eat or sleep. I didn’t go to school but faked a fever instead. Yep, I had a fever alright for Rhett Butler.

What kind of books do you like to read? Do those books have an affect on your own writing?

I go through phases. For a while there I would only read historical fiction. I loved the Plantagenets and still feel Richard III was unfairly demonized throughout history. Sometimes I’m only in the mood for light beach books (usually summer when I am at the beach) and other times I’m ready for some assassin type stuff. I love Harry Bosch too by the way. Does it affect my own writing? I write fantasy so other than the tall dark handsome smart sexy male lead, probably not.

Do you remember what is the first book that touched you deeply?

It’s a toss up between Old Yeller and Where the Red Ferns Grows. I sobbed my way through them. You did ask for the first book.

Is there an era of writing that affects you? 1920's, 1800’s so forth?
Well, the cool thing about my books is I have so many different characters speaking in so many different voices that I can bring them in from all sorts of eras. For instance, some of the characters are “Royals” and speak in very classical voices whereas others are very modern and every other word (well not every other word) is “dude”.

Where do you like to write? Is there a favorite nook or corner?

Sitting on my bed with my laptop on my lap in the evening.

Do you prefer one genre to another?

I absolutely prefer fantasy with paranormal elements. I’m not into werewolves or vampires though but I am having tremendous fun making up whole new worlds where everything happens just the way I want it to.

Do you like the feel of a book in your hands or do prefer an electronic devises?

I love love love love my iPad. I love carrying a whole library with me where ever I go. I love being able to sit in the “Not so Jiffy Car Lube Place” and find out I now have a 90 minute wait and being able to download a new book to read.

Can you tell us about what your working on now?

I am working on the prequel to my series The Two Moons of Rehnor. The prequel series is going to be called Journey to Rehnor and I’m almost done with Book 1 in it. I was going to make it fairly short but right now I’m pushing 50k words so it looks like it’ll be another full length novel. I hope to have this one done within in the next few weeks and hopefully out in e-book sometime in July. The last and final installment in my series The Two Moons of Rehnor is just about ready to go. Hopefully, I’ll be releasing that mid to late June in e-book, July in paperback. All my books are on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, released through Smashwords to everyone else and paperback too.
Here’s the link to J. Naomi Ay trailer ;
Here are the links for her wonderful books;
For my very funny interview please check out this link;
Till next time...

Sunday, July 1, 2012

New Interview and Thoughts about Writing

The passing of Nora Ephron who inspired me to write this blog helped me to decide to write something about writing for fellow writers. Here is the little piece of my own thoughts about finding the time to write; We live in a wild and busy time. Everyone has several fires to put out everyday. When you’re a creative person but you live in the world it is really hard to find the time to write. You have manyimportant things and many priorities. So how do you find the time to work on your writing?

For me, it starts when I am the most creative. So I break it down, I write
the first draft in the morning when my juices really flow. I type all other
drafts when I can fit them in. I usually like to do it in the evening before I
start dinner. Those are my two quiet times.

I would suggest that you break it down. First, what days do I have some "me
time"? Do I have to get up early? Do I need to stay up late? Do I need to hide
in the bathroom? Laugh if you like, but I have done that. I would take a pad and
pen with me into the bathroom and try to write as much as I could. I used to
steal time on my break, at lunch, when ever I could.

I know you love to write. I know that it's your passion. The people in your
life that love and support you want you to write too. Talk to them. When you get
up early or stay up late ask to have a little privacy. There are always times
when you won’t be able to do it. That’s life, but you should be on your list of
things to do. Don’t knock yourself off. Write.
I hope that was a bit helpful :) I wrote my own tribute to Nora on my movie blog both about my admiration for her and how she inspired me to write this blog;

My new issue of Sherri's Jewel Box is out. Its a summer issue with a couple of cute new things that might perk your interest; .

~And now another great new interview for my new feature trading interviews with my fellow authors. Please welcome Tessa Stokes;
What was the first book you remember loving? Do you still own it?

I no longer have it but it was a book of fairy tales, including the Arabian nights stories. It was huge and had lovely illustrations.

What kind of books do you like to read? Do those books have an affect on your own writing?

Books I read do not usually have an effect on my writing except occasionally to make me lift my game LOL I read many different genres. I think I read mostly, Science Fiction, Detective series, Paranormal Romance, Fantasy, Contemporary fiction that perhaps you could say was literary fiction, Historical and Contemporary romance.

Do you remember what is the first book that touched you deeply?

It was Thomas Hardy's  Jude the Obscure.

. Is there an era of writing that affects you? 1920, 1800’s so forth?

Not an era really, single books across all kinds of eras stay in my mind. F. Scott Fitzgerald, Thomas Hardy, Dickens, William Gibson, Phillip K. Dick. Naturally some Shakespeare stays with me, and I really enjoy seeing the plays with modern takes now.

Where do you like to write? Is there a favorite nook or corner?

I generally write in a room which has this massive window where I can see the forest and rural fields over the road. It’s very inspirational and changes with the seasons. Sometimes the farmer is out there working in the night with his machinery lit up like a UFO. There are hares, deer, pheasants, all kinds of other birds depending on the time of year.

Do you prefer one genre to another?

As an author I write genre blends. Romance/urban fantasy, Paranormal romance, Contemporary romance with a twist of some kind.

Do you like the feel of a book in your hands or do prefer an electronic devises?

I used adore books in my hand, browsing in bookshops was such a pleasure, but because I have moved so much in my life it became a burden to cart them around. Now I am addicted to my E-reader. I use an iPad right now and it’s so good to have heaps of books on my kindle application without the weight.

Can you tell us about what your working on now?

Bartholomew Pike’s Spell Book: Book Six of The Seven Spell Saga’
Paranormal Romance/Urban Fantasy (It’s going to be released at the end of June.)
The three friends and lovers find themselves embroiled in yet another adventure, this time indirectly caused by the time travel portal on the Dearing estate.
Tristan and Oliver are both in love with Chloe, and she reciprocates. It seems that just when the days of lovers’ jealousies are over a new twist is added to the love triangle.
A young woman seeking out Tristan for help arrives on the Dearing estate; her message is about the young knight Gaston. Gaston is in trouble, held captive, and being tortured. From her accent Oliver and Chloe think she is from another country, little so they know she is from another world.
Magic has always followed Tristan Dearing around, his love Chloe has caught the habit, and now so has the lovely Oliver Tarrant.
In the attic of Tristan’s reacquired house in the White Witch woods they find a cache of antiques.
Already the trio has found their special abilities evolving, and now Oliver, with his affinity with technology suddenly finds himself with as much magic surrounding him as Tristan.
In this enchanting continuation of the saga the romance between the characters takes new turns. They find new directions for their lives, which have been so changed over the last three years by their meeting. They settle down to use the special abilities they have received from their blood bond with the enigmatic, immortal knight Tristan Dearing.
I am also working on;
Book seven in The Seven Spell Saga, and Book three in The Ruthin trilogy, plus there is another ‘standalone’ I have noted because I really enjoyed writing Stone Kisses and I think once the saga and the trilogy are finished ‘standalones’ will be the way I go for a time.

People can reach me online?!/seventhspell
My books are available at,
Thank you Tessa what a great interview!
Please don't forget to check out my giveaway on Goodreads!!!
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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Final Count Down for the Global Ebook Awards!

I have to admit now that it is only a few weeks away I am really nervous about the announcement if my book Fantasy Time Inc. will make finalist for the Global eBook Awards. I have everything crossed because I would love to be in the final running for my first book award. It's funny because it is really an honor to just be nominated, I thought that was just a silly line but I am so happy to be eligible to be up for the award. Wish me luck!
Also on Goodreads I have a new feature on my Author Site, it is a Q and A section. All you have to do is join and ask ;
Don't forget to try and get a free copy of my book Fantasy Time Inc on the Goodreads giveaway! Here is the link;
Let's Welcome Larissa Hinton for interview about her writing style, reading and new books!
What was the first book you remember loving? Do you still own it?
I remember loving Shel Silverstein's book of poetry (I want to say Where The
Sidewalk Ends) and unfortunately I do not own it. I own another book of poetry
from him and I love reading it from time to time.
What kind of books do you like to read? Do those books have an affect on your own writing?
I love to read paranormal romance, fantasy, urban fantasy, graphic novels, romantic suspense and manga books . . . I could continue the list but my recent obsession is Janet Evanovich's Stephanie Plum series!

Absolutely! Since I recently expanded my reading into different genres,
my writing has expanded into different genres and I've experimented with
different writing styles.
Do you remember what is the first book that touched you deeply?
Torn by Amanda Hocking definitely left an impact on me emotionally. I had to take a step
back and face facts about my life. Is there an era of writing that affects you? 1920, 1800’s so forth?Not that I can think of on the top of my head.
Where do you like to write? Is there a favorite nook or corner?
I use to write in my library when I first started out writing. It was my favorite place,
surrounded by all those books and instant references just in case.
Do you prefer one genre to another?
Depends on my mood. Right now I'm definitely want to read historical romance, contemporary romance and paranormal romance (YA and adult).A couple of months ago, I simply wanted a book in my hands to get away from all of the writing. So with time and mood, things change.
Do you like the feel of a book in your hands or do prefer an electronic devises?
That is still to be determined. I am willing to try electronic devices since it seems like my life (not to mention my back and arms) will benefit from using the eReader instead of print books, but I don't know if I prefer one over the other yet. But I am willing to open my mind and see what happens.
Can you tell us about what your working on now?
Absolutely! I'm wrapping up the last edits on my YA paranormal romance called Angel Diaries.
Here's the blurb;
Lindsey's life couldn't have been any more ordinary. So, she had two guys
fighting over her, a psychic friend and a school dominated by Goths but, other
than that, life was good. That is until horrible nightmare start about her mother being
ripped apart by a monster changed her life from the inside out. Literally. Her
whole world was full of lies. She's not even human. She's an Angel.
Additionally, I'm writing short stories and poetry for Everblossom 2.
Here's a snippet of that blurb:

Thirsty for more?

Prepare to dig deeper into the afterlife through three more stages from decompose, rebirth then back to regrowth rediscover how the flower lives at night.
Thanks Larissa! Great interview.
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Friday, June 8, 2012

Great Giveaway and Tribute to a Personal Hero

When I was a kid my father use to read a lot of stories to my Brother and I. He loved stories. When we got older one of the authors he use to tell us stories from was Ray Bradbury. He made it so we could understand it but we loved his stories. As I grew older and read his short stories and books I fell in love with his writing all over again. Ray Bradbury passed away Wednesday at 91 years old. He was a hero of mine for many reasons, If you have read my short stories and books you would see his name as one of my favorite writers and an inspiration to me.
Also I was lucky enough to meet him on several occasions. The first was in college. I saw him at CSUN. As you can see from the picture on top he talked about trusting what you love. To chase your dreams, he truly believed that. He also talked about one of his passions, he was full of enthusiasm and passion about Dinosaurs. Yep, Dinosaurs. He was really funny but he meant it, later he did bring a lot of his concepts to life but he talked about his life long passion for them. I was so charmed, I never forgot it. I even reminded him of it years later when I saw him at a Science Fiction Convention, he didn't remember the talk but he laughed and said that it sure sounded like him. He was such a nice man, as well as a genius. The most approachable famous person I had ever met, I will miss him.

I have a giveaway with the great site Goodreads! You will get a signed copy of my book Fantasy Time Inc. So cool! Here is the link; .

I am starting a new series of interviews this time I am trying an exchange with different writers here is my first guest for the series the talented T. M Souders .

What was the first book you remember loving? Do you still own it?

The first book? Several things come to mind, but the books that really got me reading were The Girl Talk series (I think they were called). They were middle grade fiction and about a group of four friends. I absolutely loved them. I believe my mother donated them a long time ago, but I so wish I still had them now so I could let my daughter read them when she’s old enough.

What kind of books do you like to read? Do those books have an effect on your own writing?

I read a myriad of genres, but what really draws me in are character driven novels, where the plot is good, but the focus is on the characters, their interaction, and development. What make a good story, to me, are the emotions the novel evokes. I definitely think my preference has an impact on my writing. I write what I like to read, which is mainly women’s fiction and romance, which are character driven.

Do you remember what is the first book that touched you deeply?

Hmm…that’s a hard one, but I would say The Notebook by Nicholas Sparks. I hate that that sounds like such a commercial answer, but the topic of Alzheimer’s hits home for me, so the book was particularly emotional.

Is there an era of writing that affects you? 1920, 1800’s so forth?

Not really. I love historical fiction as well as novels set in present day. No one era draws me in more than the others, but I do love learning something new about time and place in a novel.

Where do you like to write? Is there a favorite nook or corner?

Ha! I write everywhere, which is why I insist on having a laptop to carry around. Once, I even took taken my two young children for a car ride so they’d fall asleep, and I wrote with the car running, hunkered down behind the steering wheel.

Do you prefer one genre to another?

I have a very eclectic taste in books. I read everything from literary fiction, women’s fiction, romance, to mysteries and young adult. I would say I most frequently read women’s fiction and romance though.

Do you like the feel of a book in your hands or do prefer an electronic devises?

I love a real book, but have to say that if someone gave me a copy of the same book in paperback and on my Kindle, I would turn to my Kindle. I love it! Still though, there’s something nostalgic about a tangible book that no eReader can replace.

Can you tell us about what your working on now?

I just finished a young adult/crossover novel, which is waiting for editing. The title is Freedom Road. Here’s the basic premise: a coming of age story and family drama, about an eighteen year old girl, with a dream to play guitar at Julliard. In a single moment, all her dreams are shattered when her father severs her left ring finger, and she must pull herself up by her bootstraps and relearn how to play the guitar with one missing digit. Or be destined to give up her dreams forever.

In the meantime, I have started plotting my next project, which will be a romance.
Thanks so much for your great interview if you would like to buy her book please click the below link.
Here is the link to my feature on her great site; The Cheap Kindle Daily;
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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Fantasy Time Inc is Nominated!!!

      My novel Fantasy Time Inc. has been nominated for a writing award. How sweet is that? You know how people say it is a honor just to be nominated? Well for the first time I understand that. It is.  I have been nominated from the Global eBook Awards in the category of speculative contemporary fantasy fiction, and I am in competition with four other books. I am very excited and can't wait to see if I am one of the finalists. I will know next month, I will let you know when I do. Here is my page on the nomination list;

I had a great interview about my book with Judith Marshall on her blog called Husbands May Come and Go but Friends are Forever. Cool name, huh? She does interviews of fellow authors and she asked some really different and interesting questions. Here is the link; .

Here is a very different and personal article I wrote for It is about taking a risk and creating a life that I really wanted. How I took a chance and chased my bliss, I am still chasing it but that makes it a great adventure,. Here it is, let me know what you think.

And now for something completely different, this an article I wrote for Working Writer. It is about the chaos I put myself through at the begining of the year. I had been wanting to create a website that would feature all the writing I do in one site. As I was working on the website I fell in love with the look of it, so I decided I would revamp my whole Jewel e-magazine.  Sadly I did it at the same time, which created a truly insane period because I had also just moved to San Diego so I was handling all the wonders of moving in with creating two websites. Nuts right? Here is the article;

I am very excited about my next interview because it is very different. This is a reviewer and a lover of books. She interviewed me for my book Fantasy Time Inc. and I thought it would be interesting to interview her. I also thought it would give writers a chance to hear about a reviewer and interviewer from their point of view.

So lets give a warm welcome to Eva  Coppersmith from Eva's Sancturary;

What was the first book you remember loving? Do you still own it?

I have always loved to read even as a child. I have loved many books; but the one that sticks in my mind the most is Outlander by Diana Gabaldon. A friend of mine loaned me her copy in 1994 when I was going for surgery. I loved it so much, I had to buy my own copy and all the rest of the series that was available at the time. I still have all of the books and also bought the anniversary edition of Outlander and the UK edition called Cross Stitch when we visited Scotland last year.

 What kind of books do you like to read?

My absolute favorite is romance, especially vampire romance; but my tastes have broadened considerably since I started reviewing. I read just about everything now, but I always go back to romance.

 Do you remember what is the first book that touched you deeply?

I have to say Outlander again. It touched me on so many different levels and so many emotions came forth when I was reading it. Of course, like so many women out there, I fell head over heels in love with Jamie Fraser in the story. I was so in love with that book and Jamie, I told my husband he had to take me to Scotland for our fifteenth wedding anniversary. Bless him, he did and I fell in love with the country. I tried my best to find Jamie there; but sorry to say, I had no luck. I had planned on sticking him in my suitcase to bring home.

 Is there an era of writing that affects you? 1920's, 1800’s so forth?

I would say the 17 and 1800's. I love the historical eras the best. I often tell my husband I was born in the wrong time. Of course, I don't think I would like to give up my modern conveniences and I would not easily let a man tell me what I had to do.

 What is your procedure when you review a book?

I am mostly contacted by email but I have had a few authors contact me on FB, twitter and linkedin. I really don't care how they contact me. I just want to know about the book. I check it out to make sure it is legit and then I will contact back if I am willing to review the book. I tell them about how long it will be and let the author decide if they are willing to wait. If so, I only request the book. I accept any format because I have three kindles and an IPad. I always accept hard copy too. When I have finished the book, I notify the author and I post all over the internet including FB, twitter, google+, linkedin, and numerous book sites plus specialty book sites if they are applicable such as Amish Living. I will also post on amazon and smashwords if asked.

 Do you prefer one genre to another?

Not really. As I said earlier, I have branched out with my reading since I started my blog. I just don't do poetry because it has never been a strong area of mine. I also don't do self-help books, cooking, gardening, that type of thing. I don't know enough about that type of thing to give an honest opinion one way or the other.

 Do you like the feel of a book in your hands or do prefer an electronic devises?

You would think with four electronic readers I would say ebooks; but no, I much prefer a hard book. I say I have a love affair with books. I love to feel them, turn the pages, and I love the smell of them. You just can't get that with with an ebook. My electronic reader collection is my obsession with toys. It is also the most economical for authors and publishers to share their files in this day and age. Most of what I buy is hard copy. I like autographed books so I get those as much as I can.

 Can you tell us where we can find your reviews?

My blog is Eva's Sanctuary at

Thank you so much Eva for a great interview, it as great!

I have more exciting stuff coming your way, stay tuned....
Till Next Time....