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Sunday, September 23, 2012

I'm having so much fun with Chatting With Sherri!

I had a great interview last Tuesday with the wonderful Steven Sears on Chatting With Sherri on Blogtalk Radio.  We had such a good time that I almost forgot that I was doing an interview.  Of course I had to do all the stuff you have to do in the studio so I couldn't allow myself to forget it. He was so much fun and it was so educational! I hope those who listened live and those who have already listened to the recording enjoyed it as much as I did!!! Here is the link so you can hear what I am talking about;

This coming Tuesday on, Chatting With Sherri,  I will be chatting with George Mc quade III of MAYO Communications! He is a very well known PR expert, who will be talking about creative ways to use mass media to build your brand. Also how PR is changing thanks to mass media, it's going to be a fun and fascinating talk. I hope you all can join us. Please follow me on the Chatting With Sherri site so you can get email updates; and join us for chat on Teusday at 1030am on Sept 25th! 

Instead of an interview about me and what I think, here is an interview with my own lovely Dr. Anne Ross of Fantasy Time Inc. She tells how she really feels about herself, me and her adventures at her agency Fantasy Time Inc.; Please let me know what you think about what Anne said :) I think she did a great job!

Last but not least is an interview about both my books Murder Inc. and Fantasy Time Inc, and my writing career.  It was an interesting interview and I did a mini-reading of both my novels. So listen in to this fun chat with Book Hunt Review by Sisterhoods Connections .

Once you hear my readings and want to buy my lovely books, here are the lovely link :)
Fantasy Time Inc.;
Murder Inc. ;

Please drop me a line and say hi;

Till next time...

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  1. Hi, Sherri. Looks like you're having a great time and sounds like it too. Keep up the great work. Love you blog and your show! Bette