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Thursday, January 20, 2011

virtual event part 3

I really wish my event was as glamorous as the pic above but I created this for myself on the E website and I couldn't resist sharing it with you all:) My event was fun. I had my reading and it went really well and I think that some people were interested in buying my book. I really hope to get another one really soon. I want to thank the people who came to cheer me on. I really appreciated it.

My next event is a new Virtual Event and you can picture me dressed like I am above since it is virtual. It will be at 3p on Saturday Feb. 26, 2011. I will talk about my event and my new book that I am working on. I have some other projects that are upcoming that I would love to share with you. I am so excited to do new things to connect with you and tell you what I am up too. If you would like to check out my books here are the links;

I am introducing a new movie blog. Those of you that know me are really aware that I love movies. I am very passionate about it and I hope you will read the new blog. Here is the link; Please check it out and tell me what you think at; or tweet me at @rithebard.

Here is my new interview with my good friend Lady J. She is a fellow bard and fan fiction writer and she has been gracious to answer my questions to help our fellow writers. So everyone welcome Lady J!

What is the best inspiration you ever had for a story?

I'd have to say my own life, such as it is. My life, in more then one instance has been compared to life in a concentration camp. Keeping that in mind, I have always had a very full fantasy life. This fantasy life mixed with the good, the bad and the ugly of real life has given birth to the wonderful tales that I have spun.

Is the best motivation for a character love or hate? Are heroes or villains more fun to write?

This is a tough question. My characters are a labor of love. Each character springs from parts of who I am and/or who I have always wanted to be. Sounds rather conceited but I personally believe that we all have so many layers of personality that the well of characters would never run dry.

Villains are more fun to write. Why may ask? Because as the heroes are part of myself so my villains are patterned after those persons who have brought pain and evil into my life. I'm a firm believer in Karma, but the one thing about karma is that she works in secret. With use of my pen... or keyboard...I can give these evil doers their just desserts and revel in their demise. In a story I can exact the justice I felt I was denied in life.

Do you use the same process for writing every time or does it vary?

I don't think I have a particular process per say. Usually what happens is I will have a scene that runs through my head over and over again I finally write it down. Or something will inspire me and I will start to write. Mostly I follow when my muse calls.

What is your favorite character that you wrote yourself? What is your favorite character from another writer?

Ummmm....that's a toughy, but I think the favorite character I have written is Becca in Spring Break. She's sassy, flirty, beautiful and brilliant. Things that I feel I am not. She is just fun to write. My muse is taking her to places that i never thought were possible.

I tend to love supporting characters more than the leads in stories. My favorite character is Tommy-the bumbling druggy shooter from the story Fate. I love him because he feels real. He's sad, pathetic and lovable at the same time.

Do you write in one style or several? Do you prefer one genre to another?

I write in several styles. My stories have never lent themselves to one particular style. I would have to say my favorite style is simple first person. First person, to me, feels like you are sitting in front of a fire telling a story to a good friend. It's the most comfortable style for me. I seem to write more romance then I ever thought I would. Is it my favorite? I enjoy writing romance but I'm really more into mysteries. I am currently starting to write crime and mystery. I hope it will turn out as well received as the romance has been. Of course the humor that sprinkles most of my stories will be infused into what ever I write. There is nothing better than making people laugh. Even better when you can laugh at yourself while making others smile.