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Sunday, October 2, 2011

New Issue Of Sherri's Jewel Box!

I am very excited to announce the second issue of my magazine Sherri's Jewel Box. This issue is really special. It has the beautiful jewels of Dyanna San Jewelry. It is an issue that is full of beauty and a new understanding about how the people who create and sell them. Take a look;

Just in case everyone missed this wonderful review of my novel Fantasy Time Inc. ; . Please take a look one more time at my amazing review in Valley Magazine; .

Just a note to the wise my publisher has a great deal for my the e-book version of Fantasy Time inc just 5.00. So you go to the the site; and get my book at a great price and use your e-book device. Just think you can be sitting waiting for your car to be smogged and read about 1800's or the 1920's. Enjoy.

Please welcome to Sarah Baethge, who has joined us to chat about her new book; The Speed of Darkness;

What was the first book you remember loving? Do you still own it?

I remember getting and loving a copy of Black Beauty with a fancy artistic cover for Christmas one year and I read it several times. I've moved several times since then, and I guess you could say grown up so I have no idea where that copy is or if it even still exists.

What kind of books do you like to read? Do those books have an affect on your own writing?

I like to read science fiction, fantasy, detective stories, and lawyer books. I've even read non-fiction sometimes, so I guess you could call me a fan of anything. I think every part of my life does something to inspire the thoughts I have while writing, so there is really no way they couldn't.

Do you remember what is the first book that touched you deeply?

I don't know about touched deeply, but I kept a copy of Jurassic Park under my bed and read it countless times when I had nothing better to do.

Is there an era of writing that affects you? 1920's, 1800's so forth?

Most of what I've read is modern, 1990's-now.

Where do you like to write? Is there a favorite nook or corner?

I have a computer on the desk in the corner of my bedroom.

Do you prefer on genre to another?

I mainly like science fiction or modern fantasy.

Do you like the feel of a book in your hands or do you prefer an electronic devises?

I like my kindle because it allows me to carry a full library of what I may like to read in a space no larger than a thin paperback.

Can you tell us about what your working on now?

Currently I'm looking for ways to sell my short novel The Speed of Darkness at Amazon; or Smashwords: .

Thank you so much Sarah for you wonderful interview, I'm sure we will all be fascinated by your novel.

Till next time:)