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Friday, September 7, 2012

I Did it!!!!

I did it, my first ever episode of Chatting with Sherri is under my belt! Yeah!!!! I am so excited. It went very well I had some good feedback from people who heard it both live and on the podcast.
Gabriel Beyers was my very first guest and he did a great job. Here is the link to our interview;
Next week we are dark but the following week, Sept 18th my guest is Steven Sears. He is a very talented and witty man. He is best known as the Co-Executive producer and writer of the TV series Xena, Warrior Princess. He is also one of the kindest and most affable people it has been my pleasure to meet in show business. Here is the link for his interview, please follow to get the email updates for this episode; .
So to add to his very interesting Blogtalk Radio interview,  I also did an interview for my writing blog. So with out any further adieu, Gabriel Beyers...

 What was the first book you remember loving? Do you still own it?

Oh, man. That's a tough question. Love? I guess I'd have to say Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. I had read many other books that I liked a lot, but Adam's combination of Sci-Fi and zany British humor was like nothing I had ever read. I do still own Hitchhiker, and re-read it from time to time. It never loses its charm.

 What kind of books do you like to read? Do those books have an affect on your own writing?

I'm not a genre snob. If it's a good story, I want to read it. I do, however, prefer something with a paranormal twist to it. I'm a huge fan of Anne Rice's Vampire Chronicles and Dean Koontz's Odd Thomas. I loved Harry Potter and Stephen King's Dark Tower series. They definitely each have had an affect on my writing. They are my writing teachers. How can you ever hope to be great if you don't study the greats?

 Do you remember what is the first book that touched you deeply?

Many books have touched me with their great writing or incredible stories, but I don't tend to get too emotional. Scary books don't really scare me. I do remember being a bit depressed when I finished with The Lord of the Rings. I didn't want it to end. But the book that cut me the deepest was The Road by Cormac McCarthy. Maybe it's because I have a young son, but I was completely heartbroken by the ending and it haunted me for days.

 Is there an era of writing that affects you? 1920, 1800’s so forth?

I don't have an era that affects me. I do like to read about ancient Rome, or the Old West. I also have a thing for the 50s.

 Where do you like to write? Is there a favorite nook or corner?

Anywhere quiet. When my wife and I were first married, before we had kids, I wrote in the extra room of our two-bedroom apartment. Now I find myself writing at a small sewing machine desk in our dining room or sneaking my laptop into the day job to write during down time. Someday I hope to have my own office again where I can close the door and lose myself to the work. It's a nice dream.

 Do you prefer one genre to another?

I'll read anything, but I'm not a big fan of romance. I like it when something supernatural happens in a story, but it's not a requirement.

 Do you like the feel of a book in your hands or do prefer an electronic devises?

I love the feel and smell of a real book, but I've been having an affair with my Kindle. I fought ebooks for the longest time, but I have to admit, I love them (and not just because that's how I'm trying to make my living). They are just so convenient. I love walking around with a whole library in the palm of my hand.

 Can you tell us about what your working on now?

Right now I'm writing a few short stories as I prepare to start my next novel. I have an idea for a series that I'd like to try. It's dystopian and features some flesh eaters, but I don't want it to be like all the other zombie books out there. I don't write from an outline, but I do run the idea through my mind, rolling it over and over until I'm sure it's something I can write.

After suffering a near-death accident, Casper Brown awakens with a strange new connection to three stray dogs recently adopted by his family. Casper’s nights are filled with dreams of the dogs’ activities; at times he can even see through their eyes. And what he witnesses has him worried for his family’s safety.
The Pummels are the most beloved family in town. Though their wealth, philanthropy, and charisma form a cloud of mystery about them, their work with the town’s exotic cat rescue center has captured the heart of the people. But the Pummels are guarding a secret. One they will kill to keep quiet.
Shadeland is a town of shadows, where hunters hide in plain sight and prey scurry about unaware. But a new predator has been unleashed. One unlike any this world has seen.

Till next time...

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