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Sunday, June 13, 2010

The brickwalls of the new writer

This weeks blog is about the effect of the economy and the difficulty to get a return call from bookstore event planners.

First of all the economy, all the small bookstores that would give you a chance are falling by the wayside. They are closing and becoming virtual stores. It is very discouraging. The stores that would give you chance to do signings and display your books well are being squeezed out by the giants.

Then the economy is also effecting our libraries to the point that they are cutting hours, closing doors and laying off personnel. I think this is a crime. Our founding father Benjamin Franklin created the lending system so all Americans would have access to books. Now they are cutting down to the point that the very young and the very old can't get the books they want.

Now with the cuts in the economy they are cutting at the most essential places including libraries. Why can't they cut things that are not important, why must we all suffer for their lack of efficiency. All the fat for changing a light bulb or a going on a "fact finding tour" is now being paid for by us. I find this outrageous! Don't you?

I also need to discuss how hard it is to get a return call or email from an event planner at certain big bookstores which will go nameless. They can't even hit reply and say sorry not interested. It is not only discouraging it is rude. The only thing I can say is that I am going to keep trying but it is maddening.

I will let you all know if I have any success.

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  1. I do find the cuts outrageous. Try not to get too discouraged Sherri, things will work out. You are too talented for it not to.