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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Strike out one and up for bat again...

Hi Everyone,

Well I heard back from the manger at the book store. They put a halt on all book signings. I felt like my heart would sink to the floor. Then she said she knew of another store that did a lot of local author book signings. So my heart zoomed up again.

I called the manger at the other store and he said that he was interested but said that everything was wrong on the book's website. He said I needed to write my publisher with a list of corrections. Which of course I did.

He said I should drop off my book and he would read it and let me know if it is cost effective to have a book signing. Of course I said I would but the loss of another book with no return makes my heart cry.

After all, I sent a bunch of books out all ready with no results so I am hoping that I will get some kind of positive response.

I really need a positive response. I worked so hard on my book and I need to know that this book will be a success. It is my baby and I want it to grow. I don't want it to shrivel and die.

So I will drop off my baby in good faith and hope that the book store manager will take good care of her.

Wish me luck!

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