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Sunday, June 6, 2010

A New Writers Challenge

Hi Everyone,

My name is Sherri and I have been writing since I was a small child. I always loved it! It was way to express myself since I was very shy. In college I used to write short stories instead of my papers.

I started to write poetry and short stories for Fanzines. Then for Fan Fiction websites. It was way to learn my craft and get feed back. I love it because you meet wonderful people and learn to get better as a writer.

I have written two novels. The first one is called Murder Inc. I learned a lot from that one and how important promotion is and understanding how the public thinks from the reviews. I truly thank all those people both for the good reviews and the bad. I think that helped me become a better writer.

Now I have new baby, Fantasy Time Inc. ( I guess I'm really into titles with the word Inc.) I am going to work like hell to get it out there.

Here's the rub, the thing no one tells you. No one will really help you. I have a P. R. firm and they did they're job with the press releases and such. It's my job to seal the deal and it's very hard to do that if no one will reply to your attempts to meet with them. If your not established they won't see you.

Thus the birth of this blog. My goals are thus;

1. To promote my new book.

2. To help fellow writers.

3. To reach a new audience.

4. To reach the powers that be.

5. To entertain.

There you have it. All you lovely people in blog reading land. I will be silly, chatty, frustrated and maybe a bit angry from time to time. I hope I will also be informative and helpful.

Here's to our joint adventure,


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