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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Project Book Signing Complete

Well I had my signing yesterday afternoon. I was really excited and nervous. A friend of mine came over to do my make up and hair. ( I had my own stylist :) I had picked up my Mom and she watched as we ran around getting ready, she was very entertained. The three of us left for the book signing about 11a.m. and we were due at the store at 1130a.m. The book signing was set to be at 12p.m.

Its a beautiful Barnes and Noble it has two stories. It has a look of Europe about it. I set up on the second floor and waited. They supplied nibbles and we ate a couple mostly because we were nervous and hadn't had anything to eat. I had a tiny brownie. It was very good.

We waited for a bit before people started to come. It started as a dribble but then it got wonderfully busy. Friends, family. associates from work, old friends and new acquaintances. They all came and sat and chatted it was great!

I really want to thank everyone for coming, I know that a lot of you made special trips to come and I really appreciated the support.

When it was all over, I looked at my cell and it was 216p.m. Time to find out the results. I sold 14 books. I thought I didn't do too well but when I went down stairs so they could run the official tally for me it seems that it was a very good run. Most authors only sell three to five books. I was stunned! They said I had done so well they want me to sign up for the next step which is a discussion and book signing at one of their stores. Wow! I was really excited and ran to tell my Mom who was also very excited.

We went out to a late lunch, early dinner to celebrate it.

Project Book Signing was a success!

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  1. Congrats to your first book signing! It's sounds very exciting. I hope you will sell many many more and be on the bestseller lists one day :)
    I'm curious about your book.