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Sunday, August 15, 2010

pictures from the event

Here are some pictures from my signing. The lady behind me is my Mom. She sat back there very proud of her kid because she knew I overcame shyness to do this kind of thing. My mother still suffers from innate shyness so she mostly watched and was my support system. I had a lot of support that day. It was really nice. My relatives came, my friends came, but I was pretty proud that I had a few strangers come up and chat.

Two people I didn't know bought the book and I was really proud that it had happened. The point of the book signing is to interest new people to my writing and I did! I had three strangers other then the two that bought the book. One was a lookiloo, one was trying to sell me bookmarks and one just wanted to rest and chatted to one of my relatives. That was ok, maybe they will remember how nice we all were and they will buy the book later. At least I am hoping that will happen.

At the table beside my Mom was a lot of snacks for my guests. They were really good, I had one of each and My Mom had one too. We were both too nervous before we left to really eat so we were both hungry. We were starved after so we went to lunch together to celebrate my first successful book signing:)

I have to admit I was really a nervous wreck that day. First after weeks of preparation I was terrified no one would show. Then I was terrified no one would buy the book.
Then I was scared that no one would like it. All my fears were groundless but that doesn't stop them from being very, very real.

One question that kept coming up was what was next. I think I confused people with my answer. This is not shocking because it confuses my family but I have always worked this way because I get easily bored. I am working on three books. Yes, I said three.

I don't work them all at once. They are all in different stages and they are all in different genres. So there is no way to get confused and I work best this way. One book is being loaded in the computer, I write onto pads, in my horribly scribbley handwriting that only I can read. One is going into second draft and the third I just started. I like them all so I may do any one of them as my next book. I have no idea yet.

Well I am working on my next book signing, hopefully it will go smoother and my book launch. This weekend I just tried to relax and recover from last weekend. So I will be a diligent little worker bee and get cracking on the next terror raising event.

Till then:)

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