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Sunday, August 1, 2010

6 days away...

Well six days till my book signing. I am so nervous. My biggest fear is that no one will come. It will be just my mother and I all alone. I do know people are suppose to come but I am soooo nervous about it. I think I know what I am going to wear at last. That was a big hurdle.

Yesterday I got a tour of the store and decided where I would have my book signing. It will be on the upper story in fiction. It a nice sunny corner and I think its the perfect place for it.

We also discussed my next book. I am working on two and the manager who was showing me around seemed to think one would be more well received. One is a historical drama and the other is teen adventure/fantasy story. Which do you like better?

On the bad side the library has decided not to do a book group featuring Fantasy Time Inc. I am very disappointed but not surprised because of the change of climate with the city funding.

Well I hope to see you at my signing Saturday at Barnes and Noble in Calabasas between 12p to 2p.

Till next time:)

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