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Sunday, September 19, 2010

More Bumps in the Road

I was at my dance class and I came over to tell one my first dance instructors that my book was published. He was excited and happy for me in fact he held up the postcard of my book and announced it to everyone in the studio. His new student was with him and she was introduced as a writer. I smiled and said, "Hi, nice to meet you. Are you writing a novel? Are you published?" She said, "I'm not published yet, its just a concept something that I'm working on." I smiled and said, "Well, getting published is hard but then the work really begins." She just stared at me. I don't think she believed me. That's why I am writing this blog to tell people about my complete journey. There is so much involved that no one ever tells you. So, I tell you as it happens.

I got my post cards and they are really cute and I have started to give them out:) Hopefully drumming up business. While I was doing that I was trying to make my next signing happen. More bumps in the road but what else is new? I will keep trying. I thought it was impossible before and I had one, right?

This is very important to me, I want to help with the Literacy Campaign. I have been putting out feelers trying to connect with people to see how I can help. There is two levels, there are the people who can't read and really want to. And there are the people who can read but don't care. I think both levels need to be addressed. Not only for the individuals but for our country as well.

I want to help teach people who want to read and give them the joy of good book. I would also like to address young people just out of college who won't pick up a book and are proud of it! How can they be inspired to find the fun and adventure in a book instead of a computer game? There must be an answer to both and I would like to help. So if you have any suggestions, please let me know.

OK, here is my latest on my Learn Our Creative Past Campaign.

I asked about five people who Grace Kelly was and then another five people who Princess Grace was? The first three that I asked wondered if she was a singer on America's Got Talent. ( I don't watch that show was there anyone on it with a name close to hers?) One asked if she was on the reality show Big Brother. (Again, don't watch it so I don't know.) The last one was a Hitchcock fan who know who she was. Yeah!

The people I asked about Princess Grace, gave me five blank stares. I was stunned because anytime they mention Monaco they still refer to her. But nothing, not even a blink of an idea who this amazing woman was.

Well I explained that Grace Kelly and Princess Grace was the same person and that she was an actress and model. She married a prince and was that decade's Princess Diana (who they did know). I also explained that brought so much tourism and culture to Monaco that the people of that country still love her till this day.
Till next time:)

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  1. I find it very sad that so many people that can read, don't like it. I am a computer geek and I love to be on the computer and to play games also. But nothing can compare to reading a book. The author puts you into a new world and although most of them are very good at making you "see" their world, I still get to use my imagination to add to their world.