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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Another Roller Coaster Week

I had really a good week mostly. I had a very short week at work, three days. My brother is here for his birthday and we are having a great time. And I have gotten a lot done on my latest epic.

But it was rocky too, the place I was suppose to have my next signing is having financial issues. So I am off looking for a new place. The Barnes and Nobles where I had such a successful signing is going to close on Dec. 31, 2010. Isn't that shocking? It is such a beautiful store in such an affluent area, and yet they are closing it. Goes to show you, you never know.

To me this is a sad commentary on how we are going as a society. Young people stop reading after college, they just play with their cell phones and play games. They have no concept of the joy of losing themselves in a good novel. Sad, sad world we live in.

I have to postpone my book party till November because of scheduling conflict. That is not a bad thing really it gives me time to make sure it is a great event. I think it will be fun for everyone even if you have the book I intend to make it special. So hold on to your party hats!

For my last part of the my blog, my Know Your Creative Past campain.
I did a mini survey at work asking about 7 people, all under 26 yrs old. Who is Gene Kelly? Three said, I have no idea who she is. Yes, she again??? Yeash! One asked if it was old Rock and Roller.(shakes head) Two said that the name sounded familiar. Only One smart lad knew who he was, and what he did. I was so proud of him. Good Job Abel!!!! Well Gene Kelly was a great Dancer. Rivaling Fred Astaire. He was very masculine, he usually played working class people. He was a wonderful actor, a pleasant singer and an amazing director. If he just made Singing in the Rain he should be applauded forever. Such an amazing classic.

Till next time:)


  1. And a friend gave me an autographed picture from "Singing in the Rain". Gene hanging from the light pole. One of my absolute FAVORITE movies. And he was so good in Xanadu. (Yes the movie was pure fluff, but that was all it was meant to be and it was great for that. ONJ was great and she got to be with Gene Kelly! What was not to like?)

  2. Gene Kelly, Rock Hudson, Cary Grant, stars that made you dream.......a sweeter time in our history. Or was it , we just didn't want to know what was really going on in the world like we do today????