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Friday, December 31, 2010

Yeah! Events Galore!

Well its been a bit of dry spell but the virtual event was fun and I am going to have another one in February to celebrate my Birthday. Its the big 50, (I just made a sound my cat would recognize, a whimper.) So I want to have a big party with all my fans celebrating my life and writing. This event will be about both my books and fan fiction writing. So come with all your questions and I will be happy to answer them for you. I am still working on a date so I will get back to you on the date and time.

I am going to participate at an event at the Borders in Sherman Oaks. It's an open mike nite where writers read there works, I will be reading a selection of Fantasy Time Inc. If your in Los Angeles on Jan. 8. 2011 at 730pm please come and see me if you can.!/events/create.php?eid=189307661083946

My new interview is with writer Braddon Mendelson and about his children's book,
He is an old friend and has written an adorable book called;
Have You Seen the Tickle Bug?

1. What is the best inspiration you ever had for a story?

I can't identify anything external that stimulates my creativity. At any given moment there are dozens of ideas rushing through my brain. Now most of them aren't very good, but suddenly one of them will come along and I'll think, "Wow! I have to write this." Nothing inspires me more than coming up with a good idea...

2. Is the best motivation for a character love or hate? Are heroes or villains more fun to write?

While love and hate can certainly motivate a character to action, I don't see them as being any better or worse than any other emotion in the palette of humanity. (i.e greed, lust, envy, revenge, psychosis, etc.)

I like characters who are heroes to some; villains to others.

3. Do you use the same process for writing every time or does it vary?

I often create notes in longhand before opening up the word processor. There's a different part of the brain invoked when using a pencil as opposed to a computer. It's especially helpful in writing comedy, when I'm searching for relationships between contemporary concepts, language and culture. The computer can sometimes be a barrier to free association.

4. What is your favorite character that you wrote yourself? What is your favorite character from another writer?

For the German sitcom I worked on, "Rita's World," there was a character called Schumann -- he was the manager of this grocery store in Cologne. On the outside, he was a rule-bound, insensitive disciplinarian, but inside, he really had a heart, and those scenes where it was exposed -- where I could peel off the icy facade and reveal his vulnerable side -- uncovered a wealth of humor and humanity. He was a fun character to write for.

5. Do you write in one style or several? Do you prefer one genre to another?

My first love is comedy, but I enjoy writing anything. I've written screenplays, press releases, poetry, short stories, internet satire, song lyrics, ad copy and a children's book entitled "Have you seen the Tickle Bug? (ISBN 1453669124), which is available from;
or your local bookstore.

Thanks Brad for the great interview, I'm sure our fellow writers will find enjoyable and informative.

Till next time;


Just a reminder my book is available directly at the publisher site;

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